The main server updated to version 0.7.20. The tests are stopped, all thanks for your help!
Download the client update…

New in 0.7.20

Dominium dilapidation and marauding.
To quickly clear the built-up world, for 2 weeks we'll add increased damage to abandoned dominiums.
Duration of dealing damage to complete destruction of abandoned dominiums in days (counting begins after 3 days when the owner does not login into the game): Basic - 1, Small - 2, Medium - 3, Large - 5, Noble - 7. After a period of clearing world, duration of the destruction will become to standard and fixed. Details of this mechanics and the number of days here.
Now you can make a wooden shield.
Added animation of the iron shield, sword and pickaxe.
Added animation of the stone, iron and steel blade, steel sword and steel shield, stone and steel pickaxe.
One more portion of icons at the items in the inventory were redrawn.


Rocks and static objects are now not disappear when the surface under them was replaced. Previously, this has led to the appearance of impassable places on the map.
Fixed appearance of "trash" on the screen at the time of loading of new areas of the map.
The edges of the active map is now framed by the dark water, and the stars used to indicate loadable areas.
Bows is now automatically added on the toolbar, as well as the other weapons.
Chances of finding rare items in the findings were changed.
Fixed problem that could reveal on MacOS, when not loaded with character animation and animals because of what was displayed is only like a ball.
Now applications on MacOS have correct icons.