Wild Terra in alpha testing stage, but even now we get a lot of attention and warm feedback not only from the players, but also from the press around the world. Such support is very encourages and gives a lot of energy to move forward. Many thanks to all who support us!

Press about the Wild Terra:

"Is an amazing game, and I became quite obsessed with it. As a whole, I recommend Wild Terra to all adventurers that want a new, unique experience to check out!" - 8/10

“This game will be a good choice for players who does not like grinding. There are no NPCs in the game, so the only way to get something is to create it by yourself or buy it from other players... or take it with brutal force.“ -

“I totally recommend Wild Terra Online, it has great potential and a really bright feature. Can’t wait to see what the devs have in mind and what other features will be added in the game. “ - 7.5/10

“Wild Terra really gave me a sense of accomplishment because you have nothing to start with, so my little house and rickety fence may look cheap, but I put the time and effort into every piece of it – it’s a great feeling that I made it.” -

“It’s strange that I had not previously heard about the Wild Terra, because it’s a game that all hardcore fans are waiting” -

“Looking for an up-and-coming sandbox that isn’t some weird jumble of voxels? Wild Terra would respectfully submit that you check out its isometric medieval world as a possibility.” -

“Wild Terra giving players a great opportunity. You can try the profession of woodcutter, hunter, blacksmith and others. It all depends only on your personal preferences.” -

"Wild Terra is a very promising, hardcore-type, survival MMORPG that will definitely appeal to fans of survival games." - 10/10

"In spite of the minor glitches that are present in the game (it is an early access game, after all), I have personally enjoyed playing this game a lot... it is well worth its price." -