Recently, we published a list of current development plans, as players asked us to. We decided to move it to “News and Announcements” section. Moreover, as users’ interest grows to what happens behind the scenes of the game’s development, we face an increasing need of a closer communication with players. We’ve created a blog for this purpose. There we’ll share inside information, current development progress, prehistory of Juvty Worlds’ team and many more! The blog will be announced after we finish working on first articles.

A list of ideas ( are discussed or being prepared for the further work on them):

  • Corrections of website styles’ errors on several resolution settings;
  • Sounds of throws and swings;
  • New ores (copper, tin, coal);
  • A conception of a skill system interface;
  • Corrections of in-game errors we were awared of;
  • A battering ram’s hit effect animation;
  • An animation of fire under a pot.

A list of ideas to carry out (so to say, “To do”):

  • A concept-screenshot for pre-Greenlight;
  • Gallows;
  • A scaffold;
  • Character on a horse for a concept-screenshot;
  • Bows’ animations;
  • Animals’ heads on walls (decorations);
  • Redraw root’s graphics;
  • Redraw warm sleeping place’s graphics;
  • Revamp timbered house’s graphics;
  • Graphics for animal-head hats on a character;
  • A ceremonial noble helmet;
  • A ceremonial konung’s helmet - viking helmet with horns;
  • Make inventory open on opening a container;
  • A new bigger server (Multi-storied item).

A list of tasks we’re currently working on:

  • A new bigger server. Resource generation;
  • Animation. Iron and steel saws;
  • Animate slings and spears;
  • New game trailer;
  • Logo for the pre-greenlight campaign;
  • A potter’s wheel.

A list of tasks to check and implement in the following updates:

  • Saw: iron and steel;
  • Animation: iron and steel sickle;
  • Animation: stone, iron and steel axe;
  • Animation: stone, iron and steel hammer;
  • Hammer: stone, iron, steel;
  • Sickle: iron and steel;
  • Axe: stone, iron, steel;
  • An enter to a cave/mine for a concept-screenshot;
  • A conception of mine’s architecture;

May I remind you that these are current(!) lists of the development plans. You won’t find here big innovations we’ve talked about before. For now, they are tabled until their time comes, and that’s why they are missing here.