Wild Terra got in the top 100 "Indie of the Year 2015" on IndieDB! Thank you to everyone who supported and voted for us.
Currently runs the second stage of voting, in which will select the 10 best indie games of the year. Support us, vote for Wild Terra!

Follow the link, scroll down to our game and press Vote!
All those who vote, got a chance to win one of the following games:

Apart from Wild Terra, in the top-100 this year, also got 65 entirely new games. Good luck everyone!

Awards to the winners

  • 5 best games get 1,000,000 hits advertising a cost of $ 30,000 on the Gamer Network sites:

In addition, 5 winners will also receive a software package for working with special effects, animation and 3d models - Houdini Indie, a cost $199/year.

  • 3 winners will receive the handmade pocket watch with symbols of IndieDB.


The editorial staff IndieDB choose their own top 10, regardless of the election results.
All final results will be known only on 29 December.