Winter has come to the Wild Terra. Open free test server for testing version 0.7.22. The rates on the test server is increased x5 times and all timers accelerated.
We ask you to pay particular attention to testing. Help us to look for bugs, report them in detail, and you will get a reward when the tests are completed.
Test client works separately from the main and does not interfere with play.

Download the test client...

New in 0.7.22

Winter has come, the waters were frozen, the ground and trees is covered with snow.
Added christmas buildings, decorations, gifts and apparel. To get them, you have to obtain new materials.
Look rare snowflakes in the snow, smite the Santa's deers to get the gifts for Christmas!
Throwing snowballs, decorate the Christmas tree, sculpt snowmen, give gifts to neighbors and receive gifts from them!
Put a gift under the door of a neighbor, and an hour later there will be a random gift.
Hang in a safe place Christmas stocking and go to sleep. After 8 hours, check that you got as a gift!
From hares, wolves and bears can now obtain wool, from which to produce wool fabric.
Added snowdrifts and new plant madder, the roots of which are used for dyeing the wool and linen fabric.
From trees is sometimes possible to cut with a knife branch of mistletoe.
Branches and cones can be cut from fir tree with a knife.
Added iron and steel scissors for weaving.
Added a potter's wheel, which is required for making the pots.
Updated graphics for the log. Colors for the door have been corrected.
Updated graphics for the iron armor, added graphics for the steel armor.


Changed interface of crafts and buildings to be able to display more materials.
Duration of offline period before dominiums start receiving damage is increased up to 1 week.
Gobelins now can't block the passage.
The mill is now also can grind the bones and the roots of the madder.
Optimized loading of map tiles.
Optimized display of other players movement, they now move more smoothly.