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Friends! Since the last update we've received a lot of complaints about how new mounts started to work how they changed the picture of PvP how bad and inconvenient it was to play. We collected and analyzed a large amount of data and decided to take the following steps.

  • Divide the concept of mounts and pets into two completely different things.
  • Mounts will not attack even for self-defense purposes.
  • We will add saddle or other animations on mounts to easily identify them from pets and wild animals.
  • We will add the "FOLLOW" button in the action menu, which will allow you to switch the follow mode for mounts.
  • Make auto recall of all premium gifted and lottery mounts when the player logs off.
  • Add in the game the ability to tame bears wolves wild boars both for riding and in the role of a pet.
  • Pets of aggressive animals will NOT be sold in game shop will NOT be available as rewards and in lotteries. After death there would be no ways to revive it. These pets will be available only through animal taming. Current following and aggression system for pets - will remain.

We hope that this series of measures will be able to solve current problems and the inconvenience. Thank you very much for your understanding. We wish everyone a pleasant game.