Friends! For a long time we are working on such an important thing as a User Interface. Today we would like to slightly open the veil of mystery and tell about what we are doing.

It's no secret that the current UI is not a good example of convenience and clarity. During the early access, we received thousands of feedback from players with complaints about the current interface. Font size, windows, menus, absolutely all elements received their dose of criticism. We nodded our heads for a long time and agreed, but did not do anything.

Now, we are proud to say that the new interface is almost done. We have taken into account all the wishes, opinions and suggestions, and we hope that you will enjoy it. What will it be?

Firstly, the new interface creates a basis for further functionality and development of the game. For example, thanks to the renewal of the UI, the game will finally have a System of Raids that will allow groups to be formed into larger formations for siege and hunt, with the ability to see the state of health, stamina, etc. for all members of the group. The old interface did not provide an opportunity to work in this direction.

Secondly, the new interface allowed us to expand the information base, adding THOUSANDS of descriptions in the game to all items, recipes, equipments, etc. This will make it much easier to understand what is happening, especially for new players, without the need to use third-party resources.

Thirdly, he just looks cool, will be much more modern and understandable, completely changing the face of the game.

We plan to release a new interface during this fall, and we hope that it will allow us to reveal all the game's possibilities in full.

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