On the skills it would be nice to see the max level attainable as in blacksmithing 27(your current level) / 50(the max level).

Also it would be also nice to select a career path and have everything outside of that locked. As an example if you wish to be a blacksmith and have skill point restrictions, then selecting blacksmith career path would lock leather working, stone working, carpentry ect, from advancing. This of course could be deselected at any time allowing the others to be advanced, it's just a method for those players deciding to max a career to the exclusion of the others.

I also feel players should be allowed to develop gathering skills unrestricted. as in lumber jacking, mining, gathering, skinning. or at least have the associated gathering skill cost nothing to develop, ie., mining would be un-metered as far as skill point costs while blacksmithing career was selected, lumberjack with carpentry, skinning with leather working ect. The general gathering should'nt be included in skill point maximum consideration.