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Updated the shell of the game client.

Added scrolls to increase the +1 performance. Using the scroll, you can also overcome the limit to the maximum level of the characteristic, having received the effect of the 13th level. At the same time, only one characteristic can be increased, the duration of the scroll effect is 1 hour. Reusing a same scroll increases the effect time by 1 hour. At death the bonus is saved, time in an offline is not considered. The cancellation of the scroll effect before the expiration of time is impossible.
New scrolls are available in treasures, lottery chests, as a reward for killing monsters in the Corrupted Lands, and can be purchased in the in-game shop. Scrolls transmitted, can be sold through an auction.

Fixed scales of bonuses from the characteristics, taking into account the addition of the possibility of obtaining the 13th level characteristics.
Fixed the error of the incorrect principle of saturation with an increased Strength.
Fixed skill "Pounce", requires a light armor for its use.
Fixed a critical error with the addition of grouse to the pet house.
Fixed the error of interrupting the counting of feedings by throwing the pet on the ground.
Added automatic disappearance of unique, gift and premium mounts.
Unique, gift and premium mounts no longer interfere with summoning a new one.
Added management of following mounts - the corresponding switch is added to the Actions window
According to the results of tests and reviews, the attack mode for mounts is disabled - this mechanic will be reworked.
Fixed the distance on which pets follow the owner, now they do not interfere with him.