Darkness descended on the land. Predators were cursed and turned into zombie animals. The world of Wild Terra needs your help!

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Improvements and fixes 0.8.39

Added the Unholy monsters - fox, boar, wolf, bear, carnivorous pumpkin.
After killing the Unholy monsters, the player gets a chance to collect the green brains of zombies from them with a knife. The skill of freshness and the quality of the knife do not affect the chance, it depends on the type of animal.
The received brains can be exchanged for valuable prizes at an auction in the tab "Events"
The witch's hat is added. Has light armor parameters, it gives movement speed bonus to the owner. Available for exchange for brains at auction, has several quality options.
The Pumpkin helmet is added to the game. Has the parameters of heavy armor, gives a bonus to the blocking the shield to its owner. Available for exchange for brains at auction, has several quality options.
Added various Unholy pets. Available for exchange for brains at auction. Pets can defend themselves if someone attacks them.
Added Jack o'lanterns. Available for exchange for brains at auction. They will be needed to complete the mini event quest for the sprouting of a Unholy tree.

Added Halloween Unholy trees. It’s grow in random places, a player with the Jack o'lantern can decorate this tree 3 times. Each time, a guards will be called up, which must be killed in order to be able to continue the quest. After full decoration and victory on all waves of guards, the player has the opportunity to get a sprout of a Home Halloween Tree, which is necessary for the construction of decorative tree, or gets the brains of zombies in case of failure.

Added a new effect - poisoning. All dUnholy monsters are able to use this effect on the enemy. The victim of poisoning begins to quickly lose his stamina.
Added a new template of the wooden fort. All built forts were rebuilt automatically.
Implemented display of the guild name on the stone of the guild castle.
Changed the size and colors of the interface fonts and slowed the display of messages. All fonts have become larger and brighter, and messages remain longer.
The craft menu has been redesigned, layout logic has been changed, number of items has decreased, and navigation has become more intuitive.