In this update, we made many changes to the interface, almost completely changing it. The work is not yet complete, but you can already see it and try it yourself.

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Improvements and fixes 0.8.4

The first part of the work on the redesign of the game interface was carried out.
Added portrait of the character (we plan to add the possibility of its changes and settings).
Changed the color scheme of the interface.
The Construction and Craft windows are merged into one.
On the Character tab a lot of information is combined, including the Action menu and General information that were previously displayed on the main game screen or not displayed at all.
There was a display of Fame level, the number of deaths, the percentage of fatigue, and possibility to switch Title from the list.
Added a Settings window, containing options that you could previously configure only manually through the config.js file.
Added a tab with Help and links to information resources about the game process.
Now you can adjust the volume level of music and sounds.
All interface windows can now be moved across the screen.

Added a system of automatic blocking of players suspected of trying to hack the game client. This function is currently being tested.
Fixed a bug due to which some players had the problem of slow motion on very powerful PCs compared to other players.
Fixed a bug where the image on the screen did not change, while the gameplay continued.
Fixed a bug where the tamed animal lost its level if the player tried to add it to the inventory without free space.
Buttons with debugging information should now be pressed together with the Ctrl key to avoid accidentally clicking on it while playing.
Replaced icons for pets and mounts.