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Improvements and fixes 0.8.41

The Unholy monsters have disappeared, and Wild Terra lands has settled into its familiar colors. Hurry to exchange obtained green brains for special event rewards!
Updated the loading screen.
Updated design of output errors.
Updated the design of the character's renaming window.
Completely redesigned the character creation screen.
When creating, renaming and moving a character, the requirements to his name became tougher.
The character can now be completely deleted by selecting the appropriate button in the menu.
Added video settings that significantly affect the performance of the game.
Restructured buildings menu for more convenient search.
Loading models with the GRAPHICS_3D_FULL_PRELOAD parameter is now displayed in the load indicator, rather than waiting in the black screen.
Fixed bugs leading to sudden stops of the game client.
Fixed errors related to disabling the display of cloaks.
Fixed a bug due to which an item being moved to the container could fall to the ground.