Friends! We gradually come to the moment when the game is preparing for its release. We plan to end with the early access phase before the end of this year and therefore we have prepared information for players on the most frequently asked questions. For more than one month you have been asking about what will happen to the current progress, the current servers, the acquired property, which servers are planned to open, how the new and old servers will interact, whether the wipe will happen, whether gold and rare mounts will stay, etc. Today we will try to answer all these questions in order to create a general picture of the future.

Let's start with the main question that interests absolutely everyone. There will not be a full wipe. For 2 years of development of the game we have always tried carefully treats the preservation of game progress. During this period only 2 servers were removed as unclaimed and at the same time we gave the opportunity to move to all those who wanted to save valuable property and buildings. We decided not to change ourselves this time giving an opportunity to all those who became attached to their achievements to continue a full-fledged game in the team while giving the opportunity to expand the circle of acquaintances ...
Soon a new PTS (public test server) will be created where the planned transfer of all players from all servers will be carried out. Moving will be carried out on schedule in automatic mode. Player with his dominium with all the valuables will be moved to a new server where he can continue the game. If there are multiple characters on different servers you will have to choose one that you prefer to transfer. The new server will carry the standard settings of the current PvE servers. The team plans to use this server as a platform for testing all new content. Registration on this server will not be closed. At any moment any new player can join and begin to play full. The client versions for playing on this server will differ. You will need to select the client version from the Steam library. The PTS will be on the general list of game servers and will always be available to everyone. Given the presence of a large number of advanced experienced players as well as the availability of content ahead of other servers for several weeks - we hope that this server will be popular not only among the old players who transferred there but also among the new ones. The first in the list to move to the PTS server is the Asian PvP server.

At the time of the release we plan the following server configuration:

  • Euro PvP (hardcore)
  • Euro PvE (hardcore)
  • America PvP (light)
  • America PvE (Light)
  • Asia PvE (Light)
  • PTS PvE (hardcore)

All servers will be able for transfer with certain restrictions depending on their type. PTS transfer will be closed to prevent any cheats or abuses with transferring untested or new content to other servers. However will work in the opposite direction. You can transfer for PTS from any other server without any restrictions. In the near future it is planned to make a schedule of the possibilities of creating characters on new servers. There are preferences for early start for different categories of players based on their merits in game.

One of the frequently asked questions concerns the gold spent by players during the early access period. In addition to keeping the current gold on your balance sheet we plan to return all the players spent during the early access period by the release day. Closer to this date we will publish a list of items refund for which are not provided due to the fact that they will be transferred to new servers. All other purchases will be returned in gold to your account giving you the option to reuse it after release on any server at your choice. Please note that despite the full refund of all purchases they will still remain as your property on the PTS server.