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Improvements and fixes 0.8.42

Added quests for newly created characters to help beginners understand the game.
Added daily quests for all players. Every day you can undertake the quest, at the end of which a reward is provided.
Entering the game every day, you can accumulate up to 3 quests at a time.
Once a day, canceling the quest, you can get a new one
Currently only simple quests are available. In the near future will be added difficult quests, with more valuable rewards.
You can open the quest log from the corresponding menu by clicking on the quest's name, or using the hotkey B.
The work with the user interface was carried out, a number of windows received a new design.
Reduced the amount of seeds obtained when consuming pumpkin.
Reduced stamina cost for Throwing weapon skills.
Increased stamina cost for attacks by axes.
Increased stamina cost for attacks by blunts.
The attack radius of throwing spears is increased.
Dodge now expends stamina.
Changed the requirements for the construction Warm sleeping place.

The system of updating models of characters, animals and monsters on the screen has been revised.
Work on server stabilization has been done.
Fixed a bug due to which after pressing the Ctrl + LMB key, the character began to attack without stopping until the RMB was pressed.
Fixed a bug due to which sometimes during the shooting did not update the indicator durability of weapons and the number of shells to it.
The error of creation, expansion and transfer of dominium at the edge of the map on PvP-servers has been fixed.
Fixed a bug where the action occurs on the move and is canceled by stopping, but the bar above the character's head and its animation is still ongoing.
Fixed a bug due to which there was no sound of death, if the character's model has not yet been loaded or replaced with an icon.
Fixed a bug due to which in some cases after the creation of the character the game did not start and it was necessary to restart.