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Improvements and fixes 0.8.43

The system of daily quests has been improved.
Training tasks can now be canceled only if the "Novice" effect has expired.
Now one new quest is available immediately after canceling one of the active ones.
Daily quests are divided into easy, medium and hard.
Easy quests are issued only while the "Novice" effect is active.
Medium quests usually can be done alone.
For hard quests, most likely, you will need a group, but the reward will be appropriate.
Added a timer for receiving quests in the Log window.

The chat window has been redesigned:

  • changed the visual part;
  • all channels now have their own color;
  • the window no longer closes after entering the message;
  • added a button to close the window, ESC also works;
  • chat now remembers its position and size on the screen;
  • the chat window no longer appears at death;
  • the message that non-Latin characters are being used in the international channel is now displayed in the chat.

The system of playing sounds and music has been reworked, memory leaks have been eliminated.
Music is now enabled by default, you can disable it in the settings.
Optimized preloading system for loading models of characters, animals and monsters.
Redesigned screen of death.
The description of the recipes has been moved to the tooltip to free up space.
Changed many descriptions of skills, characteristics, machines and items.
Added displaying the number of remaining pieces to unlock the recipe.
The font size of the tooltips is increased.
Increased the chance of getting animal heads.
Added a call timer for pets.

Numerous corrections related to the new design have been made.
Fixed bugs related to the revision of the system for assembling models on the screen.
Fixed bug where the buttons in the action window worked incorrectly, if they were not on the toolbar.
Fixed some bugs in the quests.
Fixed bugs related to the incorrect description of the principle of operation of some elements of the game.
Fixed a bug where the player could not resurrect on the bed after death.
Fixed a bug where the resurrection button on the bed was active, and it was impossible to make this action.