First things first, we want to thank all those who help Wild Terra. Even the cheapest purchase in the store is a huge boost for the game development!

We want to answer the most frequent questions about our monetization policy and distribution model.

Why is the game buy2play? Isn’t it early alpha?
We’re independent indie-developers and we maintain the development using our own resources. Everything we get from the sales of the game, we put back into development, servers’ capacity increase, and salary for the members of the team. Those people who buy early access bundles get an opportunity to look at what we’ve managed to achieve, share their opinion with other users and developers, and also suggest ideas on the game’s design.

Are there purchases in the game for the in-game currency? How they affect the balance?
There is a store in the game, but we abide by the rules of its usage:

  • The main goal of the store is additional donation made by the players to help us in our work.
  • None of the items sold in the game should affect the balance. All players should be in equal conditions. Buy2Win — out of sight, out of mind.
  • Items in the store should give a speed-up to achievement of the in-game goods and structures building (premium-days, recipes, blueprints), but all this things can also be acquired through playing the game without additional payments.
  • In the store, there should be rare titles and buildings visually different from the standard ones.
  • Everything bought in the store forever stays with the owner and remains accessible on all servers.

There are noble recipes in the store that can’t be acquired using in-game methods. What does the noble armor gives?
Crafting the noble armor won’t make you invincible. The distinctive feature of the armor set — cool visuals. They also give two more armor stat comparing it with steel set. And, by the way, noble armor can be looted as any other items from dead body.

Will you arrange new free tests?
We’re planning to arrange them in the future, but they can’t substitute playing on live servers. We wipe the map and the users’ inventories after the tests end, and they also long only for a couple of days.

Will it be free to play on release?
No, we came to a conclusion that the game will be distributed using B2P monetization model. We decided that it suits us best, and it’s more convenient for our players. Here are some apparent pros of such choice:

  • Players shouldn’t consistently donate money in the game. It works as good as if it was an offline game — you buy it once, and you play it without any restrictions.
  • No disbalance in gameplay and pay2win. Most free2play games build their monetization model on selling advantage, in our case we shut it out and put every player in equal conditions with others.

We hope that all questions about the Wild Terra monetization are answered now.
Thank you for supporting us! It’s highly important for our team!