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Improvements and fixes 0.8.44

Added a button to reset the interface settings.
Added possibility to reassign keys for all kinds of actions.
Reworked design of construction buttons.
The coordinates of the player's location were removed, we begin to get rid of the coordinate system before the release.
From the game temporarily remove the grid and other development features. The grid with the removed coordinates will be returned later, for the convenience of construction.
The time of operation of the mines on the Vitios server was extended to 6 hours.
Added new titles that will be available after the release of the game.
Animals and monsters, killed with artificial barriers, now leave after death the remains without the possibility of collection.
Fixed bugs with chat, which resulted in the entire interface being moved.
Fixed errors with chat, as a result of which the chat could not be dragged to another location when leaving the screen.
Fixed a bug due to which the master's name was not saved when the item was auctioned.
Fixed a bug due to which the mine timer did not always start the production time.
Fixed a number of errors in the work and cancellation of daily quests.
The error of incorrect display of various descriptions and texts in a number of languages is corrected.
Fixed a bug where a number of players could simultaneously use ballista at the same time.
Fixed a number of errors in the incorrect repair of castles after the siege.