Friends! Only a few weeks left before the release in which we must fully prepare the game for the meeting of thousands of new players. In this connection a number of decisions were made regarding arenas and private servers which we would like to announce.

For now the arenas are very outdated and do not match the game realities. Due to the lack of time and the inability to prepare them properly for the needs for which they were created - we decided to temporarily turn them off. After the game leaves the early access stage we will definitely devote extra time to prepare them properly and return access to them. All players will be able to fully enjoy PvP content, train their dexterity and speed, as well as participate in tournaments and ratings with rewards.

Also changes affect private servers. Their content has not been updated for a long time and does not correspond to the current realities of regular servers. We temporarily close the possibility of creating private servers until we can update this part of the game and bring it into compliance with the new server rules after its release. Note that all current and already created servers are fully operational. Their owners can continue the game without any changes or restrictions. The rules for using private servers do not change.

We wish everyone a pleasant game.