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Friends! The time has come when we are ready to announce the release date of the game. We were forced to keep this information in secret until the last moment as there were too many factors beyond our control that could affect these terms. Now we are working with final preparations so you can enjoy the game on new servers on December 18th. And those who supported us purchasing the game in the early access - will be able to try out new servers on this weekend.

On December 15 all current Alpha servers will be closed. Avanium will be available in the server list for all players. The game will offer you a choice of a list of all your characters available for transfer. You will have to make a choice in favor of one the most important and expensive for you. Dominium with all the warehouses and containers, all property and belongings will be automatically placed in your inventory in the form of a deed. After moving to a new server you can place your dominium from this scroll in any place you like and continue playing with hundreds of other players. Note: for transfer you need at least one free cell in your character's inventory otherwise he risks leaving your dominium on the old server.

Also the list of new release servers will be displayed for all players. Depending on your access status - each player will see the date when the creation of new characters will be available for him. The first wave of players will be admitted to the servers already on Saturday December 16.

Each release server provides a tooltip with a description of the features of the game on this particular selected server. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the features of new servers before creating a character.

Wish you all good luck and pleasant game.