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Improvements and fixes 0.8.46

The alpha version of the game is over, officially the status changes to Beta.
All Alpha version servers were closed, all the current progress is available for saving to the Avanium server. Selecting the server Avanium player is given the opportunity to save any of the existing characters for the continuation of the game.
Added 4 types of servers. Details on the features of each kind can be seen in the tooltip, pointing the mouse at the name of the server.
For hardcore servers and Avionium, a system for detecting all types of ore is introduced, depending on the level of intelligence and mining. The system works similarly to the already existing collection and perception system.
The founding fathers were given the promised rare pets.
The delete character button has been moved to the Game section.
Guild castles will no longer generate a tribute.
Locks guild will no longer generate a tribute.
On the character creation screen is now playing music.
Added 6 decorative flower bed recipes.
Items from Halloween disappeared from the auction.
Redesigned and revised formulas for calculating PvE damage for all types of servers.
Gold compensation was paid to all players.
Temporarily disabled the ability to build a guild castle for gold.
Fixed a bug where when renaming a character, his name on the dominium did not change.
Poultry house balance is changed. Obtaining eggs is reduced, obtaining feathers is increased, the cycle time is increased.
The principle of causing damage from small arms on all servers has been changed. If the quality of the ammunition is insufficient, the damage is absorbed.
The principle of levelling of combat skills has been changed. The difference between skill and opponent levels should not exceed 10. In the absence of damage, no experience is gained.
Changed the start of the destruction of the dominium when the player is inactive from 7 days to a month.
Fixed a bug in the mines.
Fixed a bug in displaying goods in the players store.
Fixed an issue where hints for quests did not disappear from the screen.
The error of the description in the mission "Forge iron while hot" is corrected.
The error of the description of the crucible shop has been fixed.
Fixed craft window error.
Fixed a bug where an error window was displayed on the screen, by clicking the middle mouse button.
Fixed a bug not displaying the arrowheads on the auction.
Fixed a bug that caused all players to disconnect from the server.
Fixed bug riding sideways on mounts.
The error of incorrect display of information on inactive combat skills has been fixed.
Fixed a critical error that caused the server to shutdown while working with the guild bank.