With the release of Wild Terra Online, four new servers are open!

  • Labium - hardcore PvE Europe.
  • Ignos - hardcore PvP Europe.
  • Tepium - casual PvE America.
  • Ventrar - casual PvP America.

The 34% discount on Steam will appear today at 09:00 PST, simultaneously with the official release on Steam. However, new servers are already available for everyone!

Steam-client will update automatically
Download the new client version...
Play directly in your browser (Chrome and Opera only)

Purchase Wild Terra with 34% discount right now!

Improvements and fixes 0.9.46

In the window of Сraft and construction, added the ability to go to the recipe for the required material by clicking on its icon.
In the window of Craft and construction, added the ability to switch to a description of the required resource, if it is added to the localization.
Implemented a history of moving through previously selected recipes (back and forth).
Added explanatory description for the resources.
Now when clicking on items of equipment, will appears a pop-up menu of actions with it.
Fixed a bug due to which the skill level did not update the success rate of the craft recipe.
Due to the opening of new servers, - mines, sieges and auctions are temporarily disabled so that all have equal chances for development and their capture. About the end of the restrictions will be notified in the news.
For the same reasons, the appearance of monsters in the Corrupted Lands is temporarily disabled.
Fixed a bug due to which the dominium in some cases could not be expanded after moving.
Fixed a bug due to which on the border of the Corrupted Lands it was possible to build strong structures.
The attack power of the fox is significantly reduced.
The confirmation window is now located higher, so as not to overlap the window of achievements and quests.
Fixed minor bugs in styles.