WT is the vast world, players must collaborate together ... should make forte of each player (eg builders, warriors, cultivation, manufacture, livestock ...) , together with the independent player (such as live hidden, adventure, ...)
To create knack players must choose their orientation and how to play right from the start. They can not go back to adjust his character (if not going to abandon the skills were there). If exercise over time, their skills will be increasingly high (as a way to build luxury items, intricate than others, the power supplies they create more ...)

  • Skill, knack: besides picking from godsend and shop. Need to create recipes that players find themselves (through the principles and formulas hidden)
    I think this is a very long-winded, but need to have the orientation of the moment to make the game have long life and many people prefer it.
    Thank you for your interest in my idea.