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Improvements and fixes 0.9.47

Winter has come.
All white mounts are temporarily dressed in Christmas outfits.
In the game shop are available mounts in Christmas dresses, as well as a unique Winter Barghest.
Opening the Bronze, Iron and Steel chests, there is also a chance to get Christmas mounts as an reward.

  • Bronze chest: Christmas boar and Christmas deer.
  • Iron chest: Christmas wolf and Christmas horse.
  • Steel chest: Christmas Barghest and Christmas Bear.

Many new decorative buildings have been added.
Added a chain of missions, introducing players to the Christmas content. Having completed the chain of missions, the player can receive unique gifts.
Added a unique Christmas monster, traveling around the world with a bag of gifts. Killing it with snowballs, the player can get unique gifts, including a Winter Barghest.

On PvP servers activated mines. Mines work with a constant daily shift in time, thus enabling all players, regardless of the time zone, to take advantage of this content.

Fixed a bug of displaying the description of brick flowerbeds.
Fixed a bug in the furnace description.
Fixed bug of incorrect work bench area.
Fixed a bug due to which the improvement of the dominium was not counted in the initial quests.
Fixed a bug with a wrong increase in the experience of agriculture for planting trees.