Friends! As a result of yesterday's battles on the Ignos server a number of problems were identified regarding the stability of servers with current configurations. The server's work did not proof our expectations and we have to admit that we can not ensure the stable operation of the application to all players from all over the globe within the same server. We apologize for our miscalculation. After studying all the causes of the problem as well as the wishes of the players and negative feedbacks from Steam - a number of important decisions were made which we want to introduce to everyone.

Since hardcore PvP format turned out to be one of the most popular we decided to open additional server of this type which will be based in South America to provide the most stable work for all players in this region who are experiencing the greatest problems at the moment. All characters on the Ignos server will have a compensation - free move out scroll and transfer scroll. Any player will be able to transfer his character for new server immediately with current progress saved. Before transferring the character himself – check that you used your move out scroll by pressing move out button on your dominium stone to pack all your belongings with you. Otherwise you run the risk of moving away forgetting your property which will not be restored in case of this mistake. This kind of resettlement scheme can be expected for Ventar if similar problems arise.

In connection with the newly discovered factors we are forced to delay the siege cycles timer on PvP servers for the next 2 weeks. Our team has received all the necessary data and is already working on solving three tasks at once which will increase game client speed removing the lags with active PvP and also reduce the load on the server increasing the stability of its operation. Part of these works will be added for tests already before the end of the week. We plan to finish the rest within the next week. Once the work is completed - we will activate the siege on all PvP servers. Bidding for guild castles on PvE servers will be launched this weekend.

We hope for understanding. Cheers!