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Friends! Less than a month has passed since the release. We listened attentively to all your wishes, opinions, reviewed all complaints from new players about the work of certain mechanics in the game, learned all the information about the complexities faced by players, and a plan of the nearest works was created based on these data. We will be glad to tell you our plans more detailed.

One of the first problems that players face is the extraction of bear skin. Despite the fact that we planned the bear as a kind of boss whose skin is pierced only by steel and iron arrows designed for a group of several people - we were unable to explain this position for our players. Setting it up so that the extraction was too tough for the lone travelers we only achieved that the players began to massively use various abuses which led to a certain imbalance and also caused discontent among the players themselves. To date we have almost solved the problem of killing bears using various obstacles after which the current format of the kill alone will be more inaccessible to players and therefore they will be forced to hunt in standard ways using a group of players. The bear will be slightly changed in its parameters so that a company of several people would be enough to kill it while one or two players will not be enough to do it. As a well-deserved reward for diligence all bears of level 50 and above will give a guaranteed bear skin in case of successful triggering of the skill of skinning.

The second problem which was repeatedly voiced by the players is the lack of iron ore on the servers. Due to the fact that the mechanism for the spawn of the ore was set for the equal spawn of iron in the world a huge part of the players which did not go beyond the range of their residence constantly reported about a total lack of ore in the game while hundreds iron nodes appeared and stood in remote regions . We are working on a complete reworking of the ore occurrence system in which the regions with lack of nodes will be chosen as a priority for its respawn in order to prevent excessive congestion in remote areas.

One of the major problems the solution of which does not allow us to open access to the Corrupted Lands area for players is the problem of the so-called "ghosts". To date we already started closed tests of a new system which should solve this problem. Within a couple of days it will be tested after which it will be available for tests on the Avanium server. If the optimization of this part of the client and server work will be successful then the Corrupted Lands will be open to the players by the end of the week. Moreover the new system will fix the errors of the "ghosts" from monsters and animals.

We examined multiple requests from players to review the current system of attributes and the problem associated with the impossibility of combining a full-fledged artisan with the combat aspects of the game. To date the concept of introducing a new class of fighters aimed at close combat in light armor is being developed due to the possibility of dodging attacks. We plan to introduce a new type of light armor with an increased protection parameter which will allow you to get the desired 80% protection against damage in light armor. In this case the heavy armor absorption parameter will be replaced by the dodge parameter not as high as in standard light armor but which will allow full-scale close combat without a shield in light armor. This type of melee fighters in light armor will be directly tied to intellect stat which is now not involved in any combat aspect.

Also, we still have a number of optimization tasks. Ensuring the stable operation of the Latin American server Iktos and the standard optimization processes that we keep constantly.

As the final touches it was decided to reconfigure the Avanium server in some aspects for a lighter version. So the strength of monsters which is now set at the level of a hardcore server will be reduced and the spawn of iron ore will be increased.

We wish everyone a pleasant game we hope that our efforts will make the game more interesting and comfortable for you.