Friends! There are situations when we are forced to radically change our lives from time to time. With great regret I am forced to say that this moment has come for me. For personal reasons I will not be able to continue my work at Juvty and directly in the Wild Terra project. For more than a year it has been an honor for me to work with you, and create this game. I am very grateful to my colleagues for the invaluable experience that they conveyed to me, for their kind attitude and understanding. I am very grateful to all players for their help, support, understanding and complicity in what I did. I hope that my life paths will still intersect someday with Juvty and with all of you whom I have known and who became a friend of mine. Within a week I'm still open to all kinds of communication to which you are accustomed. All unsettled questions, ideas, suggestions - send it to me. I will try to help everyone. Game support will be available as always in Discord and through "Help" in the game and at after I leave. Once again thank you very much I was very proud to be a part of it.