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Improvements and fixes 0.9.51

Celebrate Fools' Day!
Something is wrong with bears and horses, even ferrets behave very strange.
Careful! When mining the Iron Deposit, you can disturb Wodwose Miner.
In the loot from the Wodwose Miner you can find various hats, as well as the legendary Fool’s Chest!
The Fool’s Chest is also available in the in-game store at an affordable price!
The Fool’s Chest is guaranteed to contain one of the existing hats in the game (which are 33!), and the crafts hat will always have the top 150% quality.
Try your luck! In the Fool's Chest, there are 2 unique hats: Witch’s Hat, Pumpkin Helmet.
Iron deposits at the time of the event are found more often and are visible to all on Hardcore servers.

The changes listed below are not related to the event "Fool’s Day"
Crystal equipment and Fragments of Warp Crystal.
By numerous requests, we decided to rework a loot from monsters of the Corrupted Lands.
We think it is wrong that high-quality tools, armor and weapons drops here, as this kills interest in the development of craftsmen and the mining of resources.
We removed from the drop all kinds of equipments made by artisans, in return, adding unique Crystal items.
Crystal weapons can not be used as tools and it’s have a lower durability than iron and steel weapons.
The quality of the Crystal items depends on the type of killed monsters, the highest quality will be for items from the Draemeter, but the quality of these items is still lower than that of handicraft analogs.
But, if the Crystal item is improved to 150% quality, then its parameters will slightly exceed the corresponding steel item.
Crystal items can be repaired, but this requires killing a very strong guards of the Warp Crystal, and collecting its fragments, which only a skillful group of players can do.

Fixed synchronization of monsters attack animations.
Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to obtain achievements related to the saddling of animals.
Fixed a bug related to the achievement of the killing of animals with new types of spears.
Fixed inaccessible achievements.
Fixed description of achievements.
Time until the receipt of a new daily task is reduced to 23 hours.
Fixed errors with highlighting names in the guild list.
Fixed a rare error of missing items when dragging them from the guild's storage to inventory.
Fixed a rare error of missing mounts and pets when dragging them from the corpse.