In the game we have many spices and we use them for trade and cooking, great, great but there are too few of them. The amount of spices is not enough to trade though, and this is subject to discussion, but it's definitely not enough to cook! Within 8-12 hours on the Ventar server I am able to find 8-15 spices in 8-12 hours and this is one of the easier servers ... Please increase the number of found crossings or the possibility of their production on, I do not know 50 level of agriculture ? Spices are not enough to cook, all dishes, raze level 25+ need spices and they are not enough. What is cooking like I am able to do in the next 8 to 12 hours, up to 15 better ones ... And stamina falls quite quickly. The cooking system is broken as the spices are rare, they can not be created and are required for cooking.