As in Title. Idea for cooking. For cooking, we need a frying pan and wine press. Why is it all so badly matched? On the 2nd level of cooking, we can make fried eggs, but to do this we do not need 2 levels of cooking only but also 42 blacksmithing because only on this lvl is a frying pan ... In my opinion how fried eggs are on the 2nd level of cooking is the level of blacksmithing required for pethouses should be similar. Of course, we can not give iron pans for level 2, because it would be stupid but we can remove her damage and leave her without the required level or boiled eggs to raise to level 42. The same is with apple juice, requires a third level of cooking but we will not make it at the 3rd level of cooking because to do it we need a wine press that is at level 34 of construction, which is badly matched. As apple juice is at the 3rd level of cooking it should not require something that is only at level 34 of carpentry or pick apple juice for 34 level of cooking because it is required 34 level of carpentry for work on the juice that is needed for its performance or reduce the level of carpentry needed for juice to level 3 because at this level is apple juice, you understand what I it comes? It should all be well-matched, as is the level of cooking needed 3 we do not give to the required something that is at level 34. Same with grape juice, need 4 lvl of cooking but also need 34 lvl carpenter... to do this grape juice... As the apple juice requires a third level of cooking, please do not require 34 carpenter to make it but a similar level to the one required for preparation. Grape seeds need lvl 37 farming to grow so why juice from grapes only on lvl 4 cooking?
I like to examples of other games.
Example number 1:
  Albion Online, level 4 trees, need a level 4 tool and not a level 8 tool ...
Example number 2:
Tree of Life
The copper rod is probably at level 16, and it requires copper at level 10, I do not remember everything, the example is only close to the truth.
juice is on 3 lvl cooking only? 3_1526147771337_5.jpg 2_1526147771337_4.jpg 1_1526147771335_3.jpg 0_1526147771332_2.jpg