First of all, i should thank you by the game, it is a great game and the sandbox! Alot of gamers was waitting a long time for a game like this, and finally we have. Players Old-School UO like me will join and like each time more. I guarantee that you will love this game a lot!

I have tested the game with a community of brazilian and vietnameese friends (about 20), for many days, so i can talk about some points that need to get a view:

  • Fix the lag for "load the next frame" in the map. This is the most TOP 1 annoying for me and all my friends. And i believe for the rest of the community as well.

  • Fix the "White-Orbs-Loading" some objects/spirits are delaying to load, so they appear like a "White-Orb", and few seconds later it loads.

  • Implement another choice for sex (male). LOL Men like women but, women need men to be loved. hahaha" btw We just need Male/Female options in creation character.

  • Implement a better version of Artificial Intelligence for mobs/animals, for example, i can build a fence and run from the mob/animal and it will get stucked by the fence, so i can kill mobs/animals using this tatic, and its very common to see this in the game, but it sucks lol. Should be better for example build traps and lure for it, then stuck like this.

  • Increase the "ground limit distance" for put a new dominium (from a unknow player). Why? Because alot of players got destroyed by many players using this tatic, you can simple set another dominium, beside the desired dominium that you want to destroy, and inside you can build a ballista with gates turned to the castle that you gonna invade, all you need to do is open the gates and shoot.

  • Now i will talk about how to dupe itens. I dont know if this work anymore, but in a past, you can drop your items in the ground and when the server reset/restart and back your dropped items on the grounds will be duped. (just a report, idk if it still work... You can take a look in american server there is alot of veterans players doing this... They have a lot of things droped in the ground waitting for dupe bug happen again...)

  • About the ballista, you can shoot many times using only one bullet, so, all you need to do is, one guy load the bullet, and many other friends press to shoot (even without bullet in the inventory), all at the same time, so it will be 1 load + x press to shoot. Total shots = 1 + x (x = number of players that pressed to shoot, even without a bullet in invetory).

  • The last one we call "Player Clone" or "Player Ghost", something happens to some players that they left for behind a "Copy" from themselves and this "Bugged Clone" is just stopped in the map, like afk mode, and it isnt the real player its just a spirit bugged from that player... So what is possible to do with this? You can kill that player just by hitting the clone, and the "Cloned Player" will die without know what killed him. Me and my friends was trollin each other just doing this... btw we did for fun, but many ppl can do this for mad, xploit or btw..

This topic is mainly turned for Dev-Team read it. I am just a alpha-tester, so, as alpha-tester player i am giving you a report from what i have encountred in the game. Hope you read Dev.

NOTE: This topic is just for Bugs and Possible Xploits reports. I will keep it updated as soon as i can. This is a great game, and we want it perfect! Clean of all these things...


Thanks again for the greate game!
Best regards, S 7 N.