Hi, I suggest that social fight event can be created, tournaments. The fighters wouldn´t die. Who win continues in the next fight, who lose can leave or stay as spectator.

The tournaments would be sporadic, them would have to be summoned by the lord of a castle and would be announced as the mining and siege. Them would be celebrated abroad, it would be necessary to build the combat area with wattles. This area could have a name on the manufacturing panel, "tournament combat area".

Next to this area there could be several work tables to repair armor between combats.

There would be a maximum of participants, for example 20. Optionally it could be a reward for the winner

To participate it would appear a call several days before with the name of reward if there is, who want to participate would have to go to Lord´s casttle to sign up pressing on an item, for example a sign on the door, being awarded in order of arrival. To unsubscribe it would do the same, who don´t go to the tournament without unsubscribing would be penalized not being able to participate in the following three tournaments and lowering his level of fame.

The location of the combat area would be indicated by an icon to find it.