Hello, suggestions to make the fighting more dynamic.

  • Assign the mouse buttons from the game. Now you can´t, you have to configure the side buttons with an external program. It isn´t practical, you must to enter and exit the game so that the changes take effect.

Keyboard: to maintain the current system for who feel comfortable, adding possibilities for who we consider that is limited.

  • To assign the shield to a key or mouse button, without occupying a slot in the below bar. The same key or buttom to equip and desequip, pressing alternatively. That it isn´t predetermined by the game, being able to be chosen by the player. Now you need a key to equip (putting the shield in the below bar) and another to remove (the T, it comes default), subtract a lot of fluency, two keys for something you could do by pressing twice the same key.

  • To assign a key or button to mount and dismount, without occupying a slot in the bar below. This way you can quickly mount or dismount the horse without losing a square below.

  • To assign any combat ability to a key or button, without having to occupy a slot in the bar below (this would be a personal option).

  • Enable the "space" key. I tried to assign it functions and I couldn´t, I don´t know if I didn´t know or the game don´t allow it, I think the second. That key is essential for a combat game because it´s very fast to press. The same with "alt", "shift", etc.

I really like the game, but it lacks this specific point of the combat games that make them much more intense and strategic, can easily combine several skills. And it would increase the chances of surviving in a combat with someone of higher level because the personal skill of the player has more weight.

Apologies if I make mistakes in English.