well i been playing the alpha, and as i see i feel this game has so much potential but still having a lot of holes in it, i will put my point of view and some ideas i got for it hoping developers take them for future updates.

No. 1 Landscaping with levels, by this I mean, can we have a mountain? or just layers of ground in higher grounds than just plane, it would be awesome.

No. 2 VIP list, as the name says having a kind of agenda to add your friends so u can know when they are online, track them and send them a PM. this idea came by when i meet a cool guy ingame, actually the only one i seen, but i didnt knew how to add him and i never saw a VIP list button anywhere.

No3. Mining, i saw lots of iron mineral rocks in the ground but it would be cool if we could make our own mine and if we get kind of nests of minerals underground (maybe im asking for too much but would be cool)

its all that comes to mind by now haha.