Game client and server has been updated to version 0.7.23. To continue playing you need to download an updated version.
If you do not have access to the game, you can purchase it on our website.

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New in 0.7.23

Now you can build a gallows, executioner's block, pillory and scaffold.
Now you can build a stone towers and barbican.
Updated graphics of stone walls. For stone blocks was added versions with roofs.
Added animation for the wolf head hat.
Christmas snowflakes and mistletoe sprigs is no longer dropped, Christmas buildings are no longer available, although you sculpt snowmen, until the snow melts.
You can still make clothes and items that require snowflakes, hurry up!


Fixed overlay graphics of some buildings to objects in front of them.
Now the inventory window is displayed simultaneously with the opening of any container.
Fixed the layouts of stone walls, blocks and roofs.