Tomorrow will open the New Server, and we get a lot of questions associated with it. Let's explain more and clarify some of them.

Q. When will open the server?
A. Opening scheduled April 9 at 12:00 Moscow time, but if we will be faced with any technical difficulties, we may move the opening for a few hours.

Q. I have already bought a bundle of early access, do I need again buy something to get access to the new server?
A. No, you will not need to buy more, you can log to your account. If you have purchased access - it remains forever.

Q. I had purchased gold, premium days and recipes. What will happen to them?
A. They will be re-credited to your account, you will not lose anything.

Q. Will I get a bonus at the start?
A. If you have already purchased access, you will get extra gold to start a new server. If you will buy access after opening the server - you will not get a bonus.

Q. Earlier there were a server for the lovers of calm game, and for fans of hardcore. What type of server will be open?
A. Finally, we made the server, where they can play - as the calm lovers and PvP lovers. This was accomplished by the new system of separation to peaceful and disputed areas. So, be opened a one common server.

Q. Will be updated the old servers?
A. Unfortunately, it is impossible to update the old servers. They will have to close due to technical reasons, and due to their current unpopularity.

Q. I actively assisted in the testing / feedback, when I receive the prize?
A. All awards will be sent over the next ten hours. If you actively informed about errors and help in testing, but for some reason you do not get the reward, be sure to PM us at forum - @guniball, or by email -, be sure to attach a link to your report's messages.

That's all. We are waiting you on the start servers! ;)