In this update we have diversified breeds of animals, added animation and existing cloaks, as well as make new ones. More details about all changes, see below.

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New features and changes in 8.3

Added animation for all types of existing cloaks.
Now you can make high-quality woolen cloak.
Woolen cloak can be colored by boiling with the addition of various ingredients. The ingredients you have to figure out yourself.
Horses can now appear with new color and breeds. Catch for yourself a rare breed for the envy of others!
Tired to catch and keep your pets? We have added the ability to buy a permanent mount, which can not be lost.
In the store became available new horses: bay, grey, pintobay, spotted, kaur, dun, bay, black and white.
In the shop are added mounts: deer, boar, wolf, brown bear, and also unique rare breed - a black and white bear.
Duke Early Access bundle now includes a bay horse. The horse was added and to all current Dukes.
Work is underway to eliminate server failures. If you can not connect or are disconnected from the server, let us know at support@wildterra.com
Cleared armor value, you need to wear your equipment again.
Cupboard, normal and steel chests, log and stone warehouses now have locks that do not allow them to open up to outsiders.
Clicking on the bed now you can immediately understand, it belongs to you or not.
Updated dilapidation of buildings in the area of clan wars.
Thin walls are no longer effective because they quickly destroyed over time.
For protection, make sense build only the stone or brick walls, iron and steel gates and bridges.
Simple structure take damage much smaller and can stand for a long time.
For gamemasters been added the ability to create any items for the rewards and various events.