A regular announcement of the next innovations Wild Terra. What to expect in the near future?

  • Durability of things

We are engaged in developing and expanding the mechanics of crafting and value of equipment. Rework schemes creating things, and "Items quality" would have to wait, but will soon appear in the game, "Durability equipment":


On the icons of tools and equipment will be added strength indicator, which will be spent by using items. Things will not be able to repair and replenish the indicator. After completely worn, item will be destroyed (disappear).

  • Strengthening dominiuma

New feature "Strengthen" will be introduced for the extension of time dominium dilapidation. The better dominium - the more valuable resources will be needed to strengthen it. The number and types of resources are determined randomly.

Text on the picture:
dominium can be strengthened for it's did not start to break down.
Materials are changing every day and after strengthening.
Premium bonus duration is added to the strengthening period.

Premium bonus is valid until:
Button: Buy

dilapidation begins:
Button: Strengthen

  • Also, in the next updates, once again, the world of Wild Terra will be expanded. Get ready to conquer new lands!

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