We try to keep honest and comfortable gameplay. Recently was found the vulnerability, which allows penetrate through the walls on the other players territories. For many of you, it was happened accidentally - we do not punish for it, but some players began to use the vulnerabilities of the game to obtain own benefit and have been permanently banned in accordance with the rules of the game.

The names of banned players: Comon, Matumba, Bakabal, Raven.


Fortunately, there are some who in every way helps to develop the project, as well as fix bugs and vulnerabilities. For such merits we reward players whose contribution proved to be the most useful and meaningful. Recently were awarded:

  • BOOM - 500 gold and 5 premium days - for help in filling the wiki.
  • ORI0N, Roki and Alrami - 1500 gold and 15 premium days - for help in fixing bugs
  • Pratjar and Goldie - 2500 gold and 25 premium days - for their valuable contribution to the fixing bugs
  • Stormbird - Zebra - for patterning, filling and moderating wiki, and also help newcomers in its filling.
  • Ejbaldin - Zebra - for his contribution to the development of a wiki on the Brazilian language.
  • Each of the translators has received Zebra

Thank you very much, as well as everyone else who helps the project to grow and make Wild Terra better!

Especially we are working actively to find and eliminate errors in the Russian-speaking forum, so we do not always have time for respond to everyone on the English-speaking forum (we will try to fix it), but we read all messages!
About all errors better to write directly to us at the email - support@playwildterra.com