In this update we have added new territories, durability of items and in-game store. More details about all changes, see below.

In order to join the other players, you need to buy one of the Early Access bundles on our website.

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Improvements and fixes 0.8.4

New Territories available for research and settlement!
For weapons and tools were added durability, which will decrease during the resource mining, used in craft and construction, shots and melee hits.
After reaching zero - item will be destroyed. (Currently is not possible to repair, but perhaps it will be added later. Now we are just test it and wait for your feedback)
Items in the inventory and craft window, now have information about their durability, damage, speed and extra damage (for arrows).
In the construction menu, buildings now have information about their durability, absorbing damage and amount of container cells.
Icons of buildings with information about buildings and items is now visible even if you do not know their scroll or drawing.
Now you can use the Game Shop directly from the game. (By the way, currently active large discount on Boar mount!)
Added the ability to go back to the list of servers.
Added animation of connection to the server when the client starts.
Added animation for snares.
Fixed model of Raw Hides female jacket.
Fixed position of the sling and buckets in the hands.
Fixed the problem of disappearance of objects during rearrangements, duplication of messages in the chat, teleporting character while moving.
Fixed a bug due to which periodically occurred the possibility of multiple extraction of one resource.
Increased time of inactivity before disconnecting from the server.