Coming one of the most important events for Wild Terra - publication on Steam Greenlight!
(This is a mandatory procedure for most of the developers. Before publishing the game on Steam, it must go through the voting on Greenlight, to demonstrate how much players want to see this game on Steam).

A long time we are preparing for that moment, and we hope that you will support us and vote for release of the game on the Steam! We will report further on the news when you can vote. Fate of Wild Terra depends on your votes!

Especially for this, we have made the new gameplay trailer, in the creation of which has participated our whole team. After writing screenplay and making the storyboard, we gathered together after work, built decorations, filmed fragments and scenes for the future trailer. What came of it - you will soon see :)

Now to the news about that things will soon appear in the game. While the development department eliminates mistakes, shortcomings of the game, and makes balance changes - art department decided to pamper the players with all sorts of hats for the main character.

In addition to ready-made hats of animals, to the game will be added: plague doctor mask, a Viking helmet, knightly helmet with bright feathers and other headgear.
(We are still working on the possible options and their looks. Not all of these hats will certainly be added, but also may appear and new, not presented here)