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Currently we are working on the skills system. Already established the basic principles of interaction, separation and leveling skills, implemented the basic mechanics. The skill system will be added to the game in the next updates, but will be presented to the players not in the final version, and later will be updated and expanded.

What is a "skill"?
Skill - a characteristic that shows the availability of an action for the player and how skillfully he owns. For example, the availability of skill "Lumberjack", will mean that the player can chop down the trees to produce from them logs, wood and bark. Mastery of this skill determines the cost stamina, the chance of a successful production of high-quality resources and their amount. If the level of skill "Lumberjack" below the required - the player will receive a "waste" resources, and in addition will receive a great deal of harm for a tool.

How to improve the skills?
Each skill will have a level - an indicator of mastery. Initially, all skills will be at level 0. After the first applying abilities, it will be unlocked, and the level will rise to 1. Then, with use the skill, the player will receive experience, and upon reaching a certain value - skill level will be increased. Planned maximum level set to 50, but in the future this limit may be increased.

What kinds of skills will be? Can a player to study all of them?
We continue to follow our principles of freedom to players. All skills will be available to the player for study but special conditions may be required for some. All skills can be divided into the three categories:

  • mining skills (mining, gathering, skinning, fishing, etc.)
  • building skills (cooking, blacksmithing, timbering, shipbuilding, etc.).
  • fighting skills (possession of spear guns, knives, swords, archery, etc.).