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Buying early access bundles, you not only get the opportunity to play in the Wild Terra, but also financially supports the project and speed up its release. Thank you everybody!

The most valuable set of early access - "Duke". Let's take a closer look at exactly what bonuses you get after purchase and why this bundle - the best choice.

  • By purchasing any of the early access bundles, you don't have to re-buy the game after the release on Steam. Conversely, you save by purchasing the game right now at a discounted price. After the release of the game - you get free key to activate on Steam.

  • All owners of "Duke" bundle will get closed access to the Steam-version still at the development stage of the game.

  • The title of "Duke" - is displayed before your name in chat and in the game (you can turn off and change to another).
    Price in the store: 1800 gold.

  • 30 premium days - a whole month of increased resource gathering, twice the chance of finding rare materials, as well as the accelerated construction and craft.
    Price in the store: 4300 gold.

  • Full set of noble armor recipes (these recipes can not be found in the game).
    Price in the store: 7500 gold. (Shield is now on sale at a discount)


  • The drawing of noble dominion (can not be found in the game). (Dominium - it's construction, which allows to take a neutral territory and make it your property. The larger dominium - the large area it covers. Nobles - the biggest.)
    Price in the store: 3700 gold.

  • Mount "The bay horse" - allows for faster navigate through the game world. Unlike animals, which you can tame in the game, this horse can not be lost, and you can summon him at any time!
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    Price in the store: 2600 gold.

  • 7,000 additional gold is already included in the kit.

The cost of a "Duke" bundle - $99.99.
The cost of bonuses included in this kit ~= $92 (27 500 gold when buying through the shop).

Make your contribution to the development of the project. Make favorable purchase right now! By supporting the development of the game and speed up its release.