We have reviewed your opinion about the new skill system, and we have made a number of significant changes.
Also, in the update 8.9 we returned to the destruction of dominiums in order to clear a bit peaceful area. See below for details.

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Improvements and fixes 0.8.9
Completely reworked growth and success rate skills. Check and tell us your opinion.
Now, if the skill level is not enough, there is still a chance of success of its application, which is further enhanced due to the instrument.
Now, even when failed attempts, you will still get a skill increase, and the more difficult was the attempt, the more experience get.
At a large difference in the levels and the successful application of skill, you get a significant boost to growth skill.
Added the display of the successful mining chance, create objects and buildings.
Added wooden mill. It is less effective than a Frame, but requires less material and skill to build.
Added concave angle to frame roofs.
Fixed border of containers and machines in order to name it correctly placed.
Returned the old system of dilapidation dominiums. If you do not entering the game for more than 7 days, your dominium start receiving minor damage every hour. Read more about this system.
Bonfires and bunches outside dominium's zone is now being destroyed in 4 hours.
Accelerated destruction of abandoned buildings.
We have been working on integration with Steam, created a test version of Steam-client for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
Realized authorization and checked automatic client update via Steam.