The game has been updated to the version 0.8.10. Now is available server with Russian-speaking players. In the Wild Terra has appeared Mining skill, new ore and metals, as well as materials for the carpentry. See below for details.

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Improvements and fixes 0.8.10
Now you can play on the server "Altior" with a Russian-speaking players. The characters on these servers will be separate. Account and all purchases are common to both servers.
Added Mining skill, which is used to mining ore and smelting.
In the world appeared deposits of copper ore, cassiterite (tin ore) and coal.
Added copper, which can obtain either hot or and cold method with varying efficiency.
Added crucible in which you can smelt bronze by mixing copper and tin in the right proportions. Fired with wood or coal, also it allows you to produce steel.
In the crucible shop now can melt bronze in industrial volumes.
Added new materials for carpentry, fixed recipes.
As fuel you can now use not only wood but also sticks, twigs, logs and coal.
Crucible shop and Large bloomery require coal as a fuel.
Now for smelting steel is required mix iron with charcoal.
Added a small drying frame, on which can be dried only small skins.
Gain experience in a skill shortage has been modified.
Now, the chance of success is applicable only if the difference in the 20 levels, and the experience of failure is reduced.
Bonus tool now also affects the amount of materials obtained in mining.
Fixed a bug where the information about the required skill displayed by the previous recipe.
In the test Steam-client, you can now change the language.