I. I suggest a new element a vassal

  1. FIrst each dominium must have a certain number of resistance points and within a certain radius of it can not build protection structures (walls, doors and etc.)

     a. Small  -  500
     b. Medium - 1500
     c. Large  - 3000
     d. Noble  - 6000
  2. To become a player (1) a vassal to another player (2), the player (2) must reach player (1) dominium and remove resistance points. It will take different times during which the player (2) stands to player (1) dominium (like working on it).

     a. Small   -  5 min
     b. Medium  - 15 min
     c. Large   - 30 min
     d. Noble   - 60 min
  3. During this time, Player 2 can not be attacked by player (1) or another player with access to the attacked dominium. But can be attacked by a player without access to the attacked dominium. Also during the attack, player 1 and each player with access to dominium can not build buildings within a dominium.

  4. After dominium reaches 0, the player (1) becomes a vassal to Player 2, for a certain time, depending on dominium of Player 1. Dominium can change color. for example red, which means that it has become a vassal. Also, while a vassal, no one can attack it and make it a vassal again, until time runs out. After that period (vassal), it can have protection, the same time as it was a vassal.

    a. Small  - to  7 days
    b. Medium - to 10 days 
    c. Large  - to 14 days 
    d. Noble  - to 20 days

The first three days player (1) shall not bear any consequences. After the third day, if it is not terminated or not paid the tax, will have consequences

a. Extraction of resource -50%
b. A chance to build buildings or objects - 50%
c. Decreased armor - 20%
d. or anything else
  1. To reduce time on vassal, Player (1) can pay tax to Player (2) as a resource. Player (2) gets points (tax), equal to the resistance point of the captured dominium.

    a. Small  -  500
    b. Medium - 1500
    c. Large  - 3000
    d. Noble  - 6000
  2. Each a resource gives certain points, which reduces tax. Example:

    a. 1 x apple      =  1 point
    b. 1 x log        = 10 points
    c. 1 x iron ingot = 30 points

Player (1) must pay to player (2) all amount of resource that is equal to duty. Then vassal removed.

II. How does the payment work: First In action list (K) must be two new button. Vassal and Tribute.

  1. Vassal windows: (player 2)

    1) Anyone can have a maximum of 5 vassal. Depending on what kind of dominium have.
           a.)	Small    +1
           b.)	Medium   +1
           c.)	Large 	 +1
           d.)	Noble    +2
    2) Shows dominium of a vassal. It is also a button to the next window.
    3) Shows how long (in days) until it finished vassal. Whether the tax is paid
    4) Name of Vassal
    5) How much tribute vassal must pay 
    6) From this button you can free the vassal.


  1. Once we have chosen vassal (Kill Bill) of previous window, open window tribute the side of the lord. (player 2)

     1) Here again it shows us how much remains to be paid
     2) The Lord puts resource that he want to get from a vassal. This does not mean that it is mandatory for a vassal. If our vassal provided this resource, it will give x2 points more than it gives. Еach dominium opening 1 slot for desired resource. Noble dominuom open 2 slots.
        **Example**: If an iron ingot removed from tribute 30 points, if it is in desired resource  will remove from tribute 60 points.
     3) When we entered the desired resource, then press the button "send". He became gray for 24 hours. During that time can not change the desired resource. After time runs out, the button becomes active again and we can change the resource and re-send it.


  1. This is the window that opens from action list (K). TRIBUTE. This windows is opened by side of the vassal. (player 1)

    1) Shows duty
    2) Indicates the desired resource from the lord ;)
    3) Here vassal puts resource that it will send to lord 
    4) This shows how much total will decrease duty - if accept by a lord
    5) Once ready, press the button "SEND". He becomes inactive. While the lord does not accept or reject the proposal


  1. Again tribute windows (pic 2) the side of the lord. (player 2)

    1) Here you see what is sent vassal
    2) From this button, you can reject everything that is sent from a vassal. 


  1. The same window, a new option

    1) If you are interested in a particular resource, then you can transfer it and accept
    2) Reflects how much will decrease duty, if accept resource.
    3) To accept the selected resource, must pressed button “ACCEPT”. If  then want to reconsider and take water, then I should transfer it and again press “ACCEPT” button. 
    4) Once we got the desired a resource, must press "REJECT " button. After pressing this button can no longer be transferred resources. Accept button also becomes inactive.


  1. Again window TRIBUTE the side of the vassal.

    1) It shows recently, what a resource has been accept from the lord
    2) Shows the remains from duty
    3) Once the lord pressed “REJECT " button in his window. In this a vassal window,  button “SEND” is active again.
    4) Rejected resource may be taken or sent it again.
    5) This shows how much total will decrease duty - if accept by a lord


Perhaps I missed something, but all that occurred to me at this moment. I thought about how to use the existing mechanism of the game without changing something drastic.