The game has been updated to the version 0.8.11. Now is available Blacksmithing, which serves for the manufacture of items made of metal. Now for all equipment, weapons and metal tools, will act the same quality system, which is used also to other skills.
Added many items made of bronze and copper. Now you can repair items. See below for details.

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Improvements and fixes 0.8.11

Added skill Blacksmithing, which serves for the manufacture of items made of metal.
Added a lot of items made of copper and bronze. Iron and steel items will become much more valuable.
To the initial trees added a new material - poles. They will replace the logs in the initial Carpenter recipes.
Almost all items with decreasing strength can now be repaired.
For repairing are using the same requirements as for creating an item, but does not need to know the recipe.
The number of materials, stamina costs, tools strength and resulting experience depends on the degree of deterioration of the repaired item.
Fixed "You are too far away," occurring for some players.
Added missing sounds for the animals, added sound when you receive a new level of skill.
Fixed problems with the removal of the old dominiums and the creation of new for some players.
If there is insufficient materials is now displayed their complete list, this really was not enough at repair.
Changed the damage done to dominiums during dilapidation. Now, after 7 days of waiting, the destruction of periods are as follows:
Basic dominium 5.2
Small dominium 7.8
Medium dominium 20.8
Large dominium 26.0
Noble dominium 36.5