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    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and recently I acquired this wonderful game. I like and have many possibilities with the little time that has, but I think there are things that can not miss in this game, and I would like to give ideas in order to make this game more realistic, unique and perfect in its genre.

    I will be quick and brief:

    1- Fishing (It is frustrating that in a survival and crafting game you can not fish).

    2- Skin color and hair color (More diversity and realism).

    3- Option to use the arrow keys (There are players like me who personally like to play with the arrows).

    4- Zoom camera (The ability to zoom in and out of the camera for a better gaming experience).

    5- New basic needs system (In addition to hunger, our character may be thirsty, cold, hot, or sick).

    6- Different types of regions (Different ecosystems, resources, animals, vegetation.
    . For example, a desert, a forest, or an icy zone).


    I think that the conversation system could be improved, in the sense of more speed and accessibility.

    Sign and comment please!

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