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    How many mounts can I have at one time?

    Sorry for comment here but the forum this bug, and it does not let me edit the post tells me that "I do not have permission to create a poll" but I am only trying to add a the question.

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    • What items make up what they call "species" or is it a single item?

    • Do the masters influence the damage or any statistics? For example the mastery of spears, does that do more damage?

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    @Angrrrry said in A couple of suggestions from a consumer...:


    // Allows to load game diagnostic module that shows ping, game graph and other specific info. Game may run slower with this option turned on.

    var LOAD_PHASER_DEBUG = false; replace var LOAD_PHASER_DEBUG = true;

    press P in game for details also check performance tab for even more details. Thank you very much for yuor feedback. Much appreciate it.

    I know that it is very easy to give the ideas but it is not the same to make them come true.

    I hope the game goes very far, I have faith.

    "Rome was not built in a day"

    I hope to add some referral system.

    Greetings a hug

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    Usando la opción para ver el PING, me da sobre los 1000, hasta el punto que me bota del servidor

    Tengo dos proveedores diferentes (Ignoren el por que) de internet, y ambos arrojan sobre los 1000+ servidor Lopius

    PD: Saben donde están ubicados los servidores latinos.?

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    Thank you very much for taking the time of your extended response.

    First I want to clarify that I got the game because I won a key, but after trying it I was delighted to buy it and support the project.

    Everything I suggest and I think I do from the constructive criticism, nothing excites me more than seeing thousands of players, in the same map forming a living world, full of risks and rewards.

    I want to apologize if I use words out of place, because I use a translator since my language is Spanish.


    This one always been in game. Also avaliable in config.js ...

    Could not find the option to enable, the PING meter and FPS in config.js, if you could tell me directly the predefined key.

    My personal opinion we should remove private servers from the game. They give nothing but expenses, troubles, bad reviews, and they are useless. Much easier to make offline game for those who don't want to play with real people than to maintain them. Game was designed for cooperative MMO gaming. Private servers brake this model and doesn’t work at all.

    I hope soon these will disappear then.

    We have nothing in shop that can give you any benefits but mounts. We are already working over NEW TMAING and pet-mount system. Shop mounts will work same as normal. That will remove any benefits. All other positions from shop - i will gladly discuss with you any items from there, how it work, what it gives and why that will not give you any benefits at all. We have our position about each item in shop so will be gladly to discuss any of it.

    I want to wait for the new saddle system before I continue giving any opinion about it.

    I like to emphasize in the mounts because it is something that is both useful and flashy in the game, and should make it more useful and not only flashy, for example certain mounted more cargo spaces but are slower, and others to the contrary. The current system of difficult to catch seems perfect, but the mounts should be something interchangeable and dropped, with this can insite more to the trade and PVP

    We just added guild castles. They were made for that purposes. All guild members can use it, We will also add some managment functions depending on your guild rank. Dominiums will be limited to force players use guild content.

    I understand this, but you must think a little that happens when the castles (That in the server that I play there are only two for now, and I understand that it is so for the low population) are all conquered, the players will want to organize it in another way, Then without limiting that a large group of players try to create their own small functional city, they can make a break in which to conquer a castle of more benefits.

    We tryed but got epic fail. Out of 50-60 players online only 5-6 ready to participate at any events. Complete ignore unfortunately. We spent 3 months trying different PvP events, tournaments, FFA combats, admins vs players event - epic fail ( no one interested.

    I do not mean events made by administrators, I mean random events of the same game, I give you an example so that you understand me. An event every certain hours of something that we will call "chest" like the blessings but that of more benefits where the first person that manages to load the bar, takes it, obviously all this is with the idea that the players kill to obtain to obtain it , And to only be able to obtain it a player must work in team and distribute the prize, or to turn the gain.

    On servers that are not PVP, these "chest" appear in the PVP zones, or around the chest the PVP is activated.

    Several times a day (because if it is done once and the date is shown, as much as possible it is always taken by the strongest guild) and that is increasing the times to the day that happens according to the number of players that is going to have servers.
    To this type of events I mean, where giving a prize to the players, they must take the risk of fighting, to win, and in this way insensitive to the PVP.

    It is possible that at first not all go, but being something "automatic" will be accustomed to make PVP for the reward.

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    Hi, I've been following the game for a long time (which is not the same as playing). I understand that the game is alpha and it lacks a lot of way, but wanted to share a couple of suggestions from the view of a consumer that can help retain more players.

    • You urgently need a menu of options where you can find all the options you find with the keys (Make transparent objects on the map and all that) is very disorganized and confusing just to place it in keys (that you end up discovering by accident).

    • The option to be able to see the FPS and PING of the game (It could be an option from the menu of options where the mark is on some side of the screen).

    • More friendly interface. (I find things a bit messy and a bit rough).

    • Improve the quality of the images of the game (It is usually seen a little girls certain things and socks blurred)

    • The private servers only partition the communities and I do not find logic, if they are looking to maintain a larger base player on the servers. (The more people there are on the servers, the more people will buy the game and the more revenue)

    • Analyze what they offer for payments in the game, it seems too advantageous certain things, starting to be able to buy mounts and also that these can not be dropped (Solution: to keep that source of income, that these are more economical and Dropped or that are Eliminate buy mounts). On a "Full Loot" server I can not find any logic to this. I think that having a premium and cosmetics is enough talking for a PAYMENT GAME, not an F2P is a B2P, and are already taking a lot of PW2.

    I understand that this is the work of the developers but today there are a thousand more ways to earn income that are not offering advantages within the game. (You can take the recent success story of Albion Online).

    • You can add more types of weapons and armor to make the game more varied, and play with the statistics of these. (For example, certain clothes can improve what you get when collecting resources or farm work but do not have good defense)

    • I find very limited the number of people that you can allow to build and enter the domain, when it is a large group of players who come together for a single cause, this happens a lot in survival games where large groups of players meet. (The solution could be that if you want all the guild can build / open doors).

    • There could be more random events focusing on PVP.

    • I find very limited the "states" of statistics.

    • Different qualities of the same resources (Uncommon, Rare, Exotic, always speaking of the same resources) should exist, and when crafting weapons / armor with resources of better quality, they are exited the same (Rare arc etc ..) Increases varity Of arms / armors even though they are the same object and adds a reason why more go to make PVP.

    • Better professionalism when making videos on official youtube channels in order to draw more attention to potential buyers

    I think this is a couple of suggestions that keep the idea of ​​the game but give a different and more striking twist.

    I do this because I think that the game has an idea and potential HUGE that should be exploited to the maximum (And avoid the P2W that is rumored in many videos from youtube and interner forums and see it coming)

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    Hola gracias por tu pronta respuesta.

    Juego en Lopius(PVP) que si no, no le encuentro diversión.

    Si alguna vez pasas por alla avísame y podemos jugar.

    Aprovechando que hay alguien por acá...

    Que significa el tiempo de "asedio" y de "Mining" ?

    Realmente es tan P2W como pinta y dicen?

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    Hola amigos, soy Alonso de Argentina tengo 20 años y busco algún grupo de jugadores que hablen el idioma y realmente jueguen (Diario), podemos usar discord o etc..

    Espero pronta respuesta, o algunos jugadores que quieran formar un grupo.

    Me resulta MUY PERO MUY ABURRIDO el juego están solo y caminando.


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