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    At almost 100 hours in I am liking this game more and more, and I start thinking of things I wish were also in it. I know you guys are working on optimization as I post this, but hopefully some of these can be considered. I don't know if some of these are possible or not, but here are some of the things I would like to see:

    -Day and Night Cycle (if possible, then also would like the night time to have evil creatures, and need torches or something for light)

    -Backpack in place of cloak - gives extra inventory space to character but only when worn.

    -A toolbelt portion of your invnetory, like equipment but for tools, 1 for each common harvesting tool. Maybe require a toolbelt, otherwise have to carry the tools in your inventory.

    -Ability to see through walls where character is standing and maybe where other characters are standing too, without having to use low graphics mode. So I can see my carrots to pick at the bottom of my wall and also see my pretty walls(except for where I'm standing) and sheds and trees.

    -Rotate designs to also have the entrance on top sides, 4 rotations instead of 2.

    -More defense designs - spike traps, water moats(diggable), spikes on walls, archer tower you can shoot from, windows to shoot from in the wall designs that are actual durable, stairs to walk on a roof but may only be built inside by owner to defend base from inside, sticky (honey) ground to slow movement, maybe some other things.

    -More creatures - coyotes maybe like the foxes but aggressive instead of afraid for a first bite then run or something, mountain lions, moose, just more?

    -Craft poisons for arrows
    -Craft medicine to slowly get health.
    -More food recipes that don't require rare materials.

    -Use throwing spear as a melee weapon when you are down to 1 left. Also more weapons in general.

    -Require hydration with hunger.

    -More guild management options - ability to set roles for members like carpenter, blacksmith, skinner, etc.

    -Able to see which members are in other guilds for the guild list, and maybe even an indicator if they are online or not.

    -Able to look at an item and choose option to see everything you can craft from and with it in the craft menu.

    -Able to split item stacks in half by holding ctrl and dragging or something of the like. Also able to only take or remove 1 from a stack by holding a button.

    -Bullet ammunition for the sling like with the arrows

    -Offline protection, walls and gates on your land can only be damaged if you are online, with a certain cooldown timer before kicking in in-case of combat logging.

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