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    LOL !!!!

    Really !!

    I put decoration on 2 trees (christmas), got lucky because after 30 minutes I could gather the gifts (x2) on each trees. PVE, NOVUS server on safe area.

    Then I wait for 30 minutes (again) and luckily nobody present to steal the gifts, ..... but instead of the gifts, the decoration vanished .....

    I was thinking that at least the decoration will stay for 3 to 7 cycles (ie 1h30 to 3h30).

    Am I doomed or unlucky ? Or is it a normal behavior ?

    Because now the count is 140 copper lingots (Trees decoration x7) for only 8 gifts.

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    I'm playing on novus server (PVE) and the christmas trees were on safe area so we couldn't fight with other players.

    So it sucks, because when you used 20 lingots to decorate a christmas trees you get nothing except "christmas spirit" and you have to wait for 30 minutes to see a gift and hopes that nobody will be present to steal the gift.
    At least if at the first when you decorated the christmas trees you get the gift you should consider after all that it's normal and the faster get the price.

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    Totally agree with you, this event is a little weird !!

    First thing this announcement is WRONG "And if you will decorate a large Christmas tree, In addition you will receive the title of "Spirit of Christmas" and a gift (appears every 30 minutes near a large Christmas tree, if it is decorated)."
    If you decorate a christmas tree you only get "Christmas spirit" and for the gift you have to wait 30 minutes.
    The problem is that I decorated 3 christmas trees (60 copper lingot for the Red and white ball) and after 29 minutes when I came back there were at least 2 or 3 other players waiting for the gift to appear.
    Of course I couldn't succeed to get a gift in 10 tries.

    So for me it was a total waste of ressources and times !!

    Really It would have been better if the christmas tree that appear in the building menu could give gifts every 30 minutes for a small number of cycles before it desappears. And of course this tree could be build inside our walls

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    Well, well, well, the new combat ..... I test it.... and how could I say ....... I fell very disappointed !!

    First of all you speak about PvP concerning the new combat system but in fact it concerns also PvE !!
    Lots of changes in hunting animals and I'm not very convinced by this system.

    My remarks : If you want to have realistic combats with multiple options and statistics, the first thing is to improve the time of response of the servers.
    Actually there are lot of lags and latence which made the game (combat part) bearly unplayable !
    At least 1 or 2 sec between 2 actions, (or mouse click), unable to change rapidly from a bow to a shield and sword (It takes 3 sec even more !) most of the time the commands (even with keyboard shortcuts) are not taken into account.
    I try to kill a fox and get nearly killed due to the latence (I lose 50% of Hp in less than 2 sec).
    I was equipped with a full unholy armor and a bronze sword.

    So do you think that I need to wear a full steel armor set, a steel shield and a knight steel sword if I want to kill a gouse and survive ?

    With the new system an unholy full armor protection decrease from 55% (+130% defense) to 25% !!
    With a full steel armor set (+10% by piece) you get only 50% of damage reduction !!

    Most of the weapons have unrealistics stats ! For exemple: wooden spear with a range of damage of 2-9.
    To kill a rabbit you may need 4 to 6 spears,
    There is no explanation for such a big gap between Min and Max values

    In conclusion:

    • first of all with the new rule of animal healing, I had the feeling that the game loses some fun part of hunting
    • now with this new combat system and the multiple combat skills it becomes boring an more like a ( very bad) MMORPG or Hack and Slash (with lag and latence and without the server response time), where the goal is to gather ressources to build better weapons and to fight the others.
    • To finish, I really hate the new timing in the harvesting system. When I decide to play a game, I play 1 or 2 hour(s) but I don't want to be forced to connect 8, 16 or 24 h after because I have to harvest a crop and if I don't the crop will be depleted. I want to play when I want and not when the game tell me to do.
    • If I bought an access to this game at the beginning, it was for the PvE and building challenge. Now with the new developments I really think to quit.

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    Is the problem with blacksmith level and quality of the item created fixed ?

    Because I'm blacksmith lvl 22 and when i made bronze hammer (LVL 19 require) I still obtain quality of 70 to 85%, and sometime just above 100%.

    On 6 tries whereas I'm 3 level above the level of the recipe, I had 4 hammers at 70%, 75%, 81% and 85%and only 2 above (107% and 115%).

    In some case I have higher chance of succes with a stone hammer than a bronze one !!!

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    You get also wheat and barley from weeds, but it's not seeds it's looks like ear of wheat or barley.

    You build a crop, take the ear or barley in your hand (left) plant it normally, put water and wait for the croop to grow.

    I don't know how many time it takes before the field is ready to be harvest.
    Nether how long you have to harvest it before it depletes.
    Be carefull of the agricultural level : Barley lvl5, Wheat lvl 27 !!

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    Hello !

    This strategy doesn't work with me.

    I tried with full iron armor (old one before improvment of copper bronze), hunter bow (with stone arrow) and after with iron pick axe (old one also) or bronze sword (second try) and in both case I loose 50 Hp start bleeding and die !!

    Is there a problem with old stuff (iron armor or tools) ? Just to know if I had to build an other set of armor.

    And do you have the HP point for the unholy bear, wolf, boar and fox because they seem very hard to kill.

    I still didin't understood the purpose of the healing rule for the animals. In reality (even on early ages) humans were intelligent enough to use the terrain or build hunting cabin to protect themselves in order to hunt and kill will animal with minimum risk.
    Now with this (stupid) rule you have to fight directly the animal run, try to escape and die ! it's definitively boring, and unrealistic.

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